3 Types of Software Testing That You Should Know About

A software testing service worker showing a note about conducting usability tests

Many professionals think that software testing is used to remove defects from an end product. However, software testing is so much more than that. Software testers use different software testing types to ensure that users only get to use high-quality applications that meet their expectations. Moreover, software testing helps companies save money and time on fixing bugs post-deployment.

Vates offers software testing and QA services for different companies. Our experienced QA testers use Selenium, Jmeter, Appium, and other recognized software testing tools to conduct functional, automated, stress, load, and usability tests on applications.

Here are some types of software testing every company should know.

Automated Testing

Automated testing is one of the most widely-used types of software testing. In automated testing, a software tester writes a code to check the software’s features. Through this type of testing, software testers can check the front-end, the UI of an application, or the backend, and the code of a software. Automated testing is the perfect option for large applications with complex codes, numerous features, and complicated functionality.

Vates offers system testing services to companies and runs automated programs to check their codes, functionalities, and features. They use the latest tools and programs to conduct automated tests on large- and small-scale applications.

Functional Testing

Other automated and manual testing types focus on ensuring that an application works correctly. However, functional testing is a bit different. In functional testing, software testers ensure that the software meets the user’s expectations. For instance, every feature should work as expected and as mentioned in the project documentation.

Therefore, in functional testing, a tester assesses every feature separately and collectively in a full-system testing process. Moreover, functional testing entails regression testing, where the software is tested every time a software developer modifies the code or a feature.

Performance Testing

Do you think testing functions and features are enough to ensure software quality? That’s just the beginning; software testers also conduct performance testing on an application or website to determine how well it will perform under a specific load. Performance testing is further divided into other categories.

Load Testing

In load testing, software testers check the performance of a system against the average number of users. Users prefer applications that don’t take hours to load, and load testing ensures that it doesn’t happen.

Stress Testing

But does the average number of users on a website or application remain the same always? In some cases, the number of users can increase, so companies need to conduct stress testing. In stress testing, testers determine what will happen to an application if additional users start using the software.

Professional software testing services like Vates conduct stress testing, load testing, and other performance tests to ensure that a company’s software can handle users on both average and extreme days.

A QA Tester checking the results of a stress test

Try Software Testing and QA Services

With regular testing, companies can ensure that their software has no bugs or issues. At Vates, we offer software quality control and testing services, where we test applications to ensure that their features and functions are working correctly.

Our software testing and quality assurance services ensure that your applications are secure and user-friendly while following quality assurance standards.

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