4 Benefits Of SaaS (Software As A Service) For Your Business

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At Vates, we track and analyze all kinds of up-and-coming IT tools that can transform your business. Our focus has remained unhinged in the last few years on Software as a Service. Also known as SaaS, this technology has proven as the most effective automation technique for businesses.
Reports suggest that the market and revenue for SaaS services have grown from an estimated $31 billion to a whopping $179 billion since 2015! This means that the SaaS industry has grown 5 times in a short period of seven years. Vates is a strong and well-trusted name when it comes to quality SaaS and software development services.
We’re a nearshore development team ready to tackle all sorts of complex to simple software design and development projects. Our IT consultants, project advisors, and software experts can test your business’s IT structure and suggest services for performance maximization. You can also talk to us about our cutting-edge agile software development services.
Right now, we’ve taken this opportunity to educate our readers about the benefits of SaaS and its ability to revamp a dull business model into a profit machine. So let’s get started.

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Software as a Service: A Quick Rundown

SaaS is a simplified, more effective, and highly popular alternative to traditional software development and installation service. Normally, if you want to implement a new software system in your firm, your developer will build a server, install the program, and configure it. But with SaaS, a cloud system will host your entire software application.

SaaS is an authorization-based service that rents out the right-to-use software apps to organizations. This proved extremely lucrative and inexpensive compared to a custom-built software module.

SaaS Benefits for Your Firm

Wondering how SaaS can be beneficial for your firm? Here are some advantages our experts highlighted:

1. Improved Time-Efficiency

SaaS is designed to improve cost and time effectiveness. As more businesses enter the modern-day industries and compete for the top rank, you need to be well-equipped to beat them. This is where business managers need to work closely with IT experts and software service providers to ensure that technology backs their organization.

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Availing Software as a Service can be a game-changing decision for your firm. You will save a lot of time since the software app will be pre-installed and pre-configured. It only takes a few hours to migrate data on the rented cloud server, and voila! Your software will be ready to use.

2. Inexpensive Than the Alternatives

While nothing can beat the advantages and competitive edge offered by a custom-designed software tool, SaaS stands as a strong alternative for smaller businesses. Vates strongly recommends small to medium-sized enterprises avail SaaS services to save money.

Affording hi-tech integration and software services during an economic upheaval is extremely difficult. Business owners not only have to keep their operational costs down but also ensure that their offerings’ quality and quantity stay up to par. In such situations, your best bet is to rely on relatively inexpensive IT solutions like SaaS. Vates can help you automate your business without burning your pockets.

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Our IT consultants and strategists, coupled with software developers, can customize a solution that perfectly fits your firm’s unique needs. Give us a call to get started!

3. Proofs-of-Concept Are Easier than Ever

SaaS is a pre-baked IT solution. It’s like a cake mix that requires you to throw in all the ingredients, give it a good mix, and bake! With Software as a Service, you don’t have to arrange any extra network or system integration tools. SaaS allows users to use, test, and perform proofs-of-concept in advance without hampering an existing system’s functionality.

What’s more, SaaS is completely automated. It gives the users and hosts full real-time autonomy to track and install updates. As a result, you can enjoy smoother data migration, faster speed, and risk-free data storage.

4. Flexible and Accessible

In-house software can only be accessed from authorized devices using authorized email addresses and passwords. While the security layers are similar in SaaS, your employees can access their work anytime. SaaS packages are more flexible and accessible than regular software apps and systems.

The best part is SaaS doesn’t expose your precious data to theft or loss due to malfunctioning hardware or cybersecurity threats. It keeps all the information safe on the cloud, making it impossible for hackers to access it.

At Vates, our IT consultancy and software development teams know everything that can go wrong with your IT strategy. We are a qualified IT consultancy and big data firm offering high-end nearshore IT consultancy, software development, and IT maintenance and support services. We can help you identify the grey areas in your software system and recommend updates.

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