6 Challenges of Running an In-House Software Development Team

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In the current era, most companies are incorporating technology to enhance their operations and products. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that businesses invest a lot in software development to develop their systems. Businesses can use software to automate their internal manual procedures, connect with customers, sell their products online, or interact with customers. However, businesses have two options here—they can either hire an in-house software development or opt for software development outsourcing.

Many businesses think in-house software development is the better choice, but that’s far from true. Vates is a nearshore software development services company that allows businesses to outsource software development, system integration, big data analytics, and testing. Their professional software developers analyze a company’s requirements and problems before developing applications to solve their issues.

Are you considering building an in-house software development team? Here are some challenges of running an in-house software development team that would convince you to work with a nearshore software development company.

It Requires Significant Investment

One of the most significant issues companies face when building an in-house software development team is the cost. They have to start by spending money on recruiting professional software developers. These recruitment costs include the money spent on conducting background checks, paying for an agency’s fees, and sometimes, the referral program costs. But that’s not all! When you hire software developers, you also need to spend money on HR training and technical sessions.

Moreover, companies must set the infrastructure for new hires, which requires a lot of money. This infrastructure includes work desks, desktops, the necessary tools for software development, etc.

In addition, if your company hires software developers, it will also have to pay for medical expenses, retirement funds, and even travel expenses. Building an in-house software development team is an expansion in your company, which requires many resources. These resources, in return, require money, which can be a limitation for some small-scale businesses.

On the other hand, outsourcing your software development to another nearshore software development firm like Vates is more cost-effective and affordable in the long run. Your company won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on recruiting, training, and arranging infrastructure for software developers.

Recruiting New Hires Can be a Nightmare

Spending money on recruitment isn’t the only frustrating aspect of hiring an in-house software development team. The recruitment process is extensive, and the recruitment team has to put in a lot of time and resources to ensure they’re hiring the best candidates for their team. It shouldn’t be surprising that every company wants to hire the best software developers and expect their recruitment team to bring in professional and experienced candidates for the job.

But arranging a recruitment process that finds the best developers and trains them ends up being a nightmare for most small-scale companies that lack human resources. On the other hand, if you decide to outsource software development, your company won’t have to worry about hiring and training different software developers. An international software development company like Vates has the best software developers on board, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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There’s a Shortage of Skilled Professionals

According to research, around 40 million software engineering jobs go unfilled due to a lack of skilled talent in the market. But that’s not all! According to the US Labor Department, the global shortage of software developers will reach 85.2 million by 2030, so companies struggling to find skilled software developers will find it extremely challenging to find qualified software developers in the next few years. But with Stack Overflow filled with front-end and back-end developers, how’s it possible that the world is facing a software developer shortage?

Well, the answer is simple. You might be able to find a software developer easily, but when it comes to finding an experienced, skilled software developer, the situation is different. Every company wants to hire skilled talent for their software development teams, and it’s essential to find experienced software developers if your business has complex or extensive requirements for an application.

Instead of looking for skilled software developers on online platforms, in job fairs, etc, companies should outsource their software development projects. A nearshore software development company like Vates hires only the top and most-skilled software developers, so rest assured, the development of your software will be in good hands.

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Depending on a Couple of Software Developers isn’t a Good Idea

So, even if your company manages to hire experienced and skilled software developers, it will be entirely dependent on these software developers. These professionals will handle your company’s software development needs for some time, but they might constantly be looking for better-paying job opportunities. So what happens if one day, one of your software developers decides to quit?

You will have to face multiple challenges and probably rush to replace them with another highly-skilled software developer. But with the increasing shortage, it will be highly challenging. You might have to stop the development of a particular website or application for a short time, which means that your company won’t be able to meet its completion deadlines. Moreover, if the software developer leaving has worked on a custom feature in an application or website, it’ll be almost impossible to expect another software developer on your team to understand the code and integrate that feature in a short time.

The same happens if you decide to hire a new software developer to work on an existing project. In addition, newly-hired software developers might also face troubles when updating or maintaining software that your previous software developer coded. Therefore, the best option is to look for a team of software developers that won’t leave mid-project and provide software maintenance once the project is completed—and that’s only possible if you outsource your software development project to an international software development company like Vates. Our team also provides application support and maintenance post-development.

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Training for New Tools and Technologies

It’s no secret that software development is a constantly-evolving field. The software development technologies that were relevant a decade ago are now obsolete. Therefore, companies are always looking for new software development tools and technologies. For instance, in the past, businesses used the Web 2.0 platform for developing websites and applications, but that isn’t the best option for software development today. Instead, companies are switching to Web 3.0 for software development, but how can companies expect their existing software developers to get skilled in Web 3.0 in a short time?

That’s not possible, as your existing software development team will require a lot of time and access to resources to gain experience in Web 3.0 or any new technology. Moreover, you’ll have to provide them with resources to learn new technology, which is an added expense. Therefore, we recommend hiring a custom software development company like Vates to handle your software development needs. The company will automatically use the latest tools and technologies in developing web and mobile applications for your company, and you won’t even have to spend extra money.

Finding an Expert in a Particular Domain

Another highly-challenging factor of software development is its several domains and expertise. For instance, your software developer might be well-versed in a specific web domain like the MERN stack. But what happens if any application your company has to develop requires the MEAN stack, which is a different approach to development? You can provide resources to your existing software development team to learn and apply the MEAN stack to the new software, but what if you have to meet a fast approaching deadline?

Another option is to recruit a MEAN stack developer, but finding a MEAN stack expert, expecting them to understand your workplace’s culture and the project’s requirements in a short time, is highly challenging. Moreover, recruiting a new employee can also cost a lot of money. Therefore, outsourcing your application to a third party is the best option. Vates is an agile software development company that has a team of experts in almost every domain. In addition, hiring Vates allows you to get algorithms of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data integrated into your applications without hiring a domain expert.

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What’s the Solution to These Challenges? Outsource to Vates

By outsourcing your software development needs to a software development company, you won’t have to face any of these challenges while developing an application or software. At Vates, we offer custom software development services for different large companies and growing businesses. Our agile software development services ensure that only experienced developers work on your application.

Moreover, we provide IT maintenance and support post-development, where we handle the maintenance of our developed software. Our big data consulting services can also incorporate big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms into your software. In addition, we offer IoT consulting services, where our professional developers develop smart applications using IoT sensors and edge technology.

Reach out to us and let this nearshore software development firm handle your software development needs from start to end!

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