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Every e-commerce startup owner aspires to build advanced, speedy, and glitch-free mobile phone applications. From eBay and Amazon to Ali Express, SHEIN, and Zara, almost all types of retail giants have created stunning online spaces for their customers. And they’ve all done it through a website and purpose-designed e-commerce application.

Designing an e-commerce app is a significant and highly time-consuming task for startup managers. They must convey true brand identity through their app while keeping customers and their needs in mind. E-commerce applications and software tools have to be relevant, fast, functional, and visually striking.

According to the statistics, the e-commerce industry grew by 22% in 2022 than the previous year. Currently, over 8% of the total retail revenue comes from e-commerce applications. Moreover, an estimate reveals that iOS and Android app stores contain around 12-24 million e-commerce applications globally!

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In this blog, our application testing and software development teams have discussed the critical steps involved in an E-commerce app design process. So let’s get started.



Before you do anything, it’s extremely important to assess your business model, brand identity, target audience, products and services, and value proposition. Your e-commerce app’s functionality, layout, and design must align with your brand tone.

An e-commerce app is your business’s communication medium and selling tool. If your app doesn’t deliver the right message, it might end up confusing and distracting the customers.

Competitors Research is a Must

No, when learning about your competitors, you don’t just have to look at what they’re doing right. Pay close attention to the gaps in their e-commerce applications. Check online reviews and feedback below their products and services. This will help you learn what the industry’s target customer is really looking for.

The best practice to make a winning e-commerce application is to focus on your market’s grey areas. This will allow you to reach customers more easily by catering to their unmet needs.

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Set Pragmatic Budgets and Deadlines

Designing and launching an e-commerce application requires time, money, and lots of hard work. But that doesn’t mean that startups have to spend significantly to get a professional app made.

Make sure you set a feasible budget keeping the contingency costs under consideration. A mobile app is extremely lucrative in terms of long-run ROI. Hence, you shouldn’t be stingy with its development and design process budgets.

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Create an Expert Team

E-commerce apps need to be spotless and bug-free. They don’t just have to look cool but also deliver fast results. A research study found that over 70% of e-commerce app users terminate their sessions if there’s atwo-second delay in the app function.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to put together an adept team of coders, app and software developers, UI/UX designers, and application testing experts.

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List Down the App Features

Once you’re done with the business model study, competitor analysis, budgeting, and the hiring phase, it’s time to sit down with the experts and talk about your app’s essential features. An e-commerce application must be secure and user-friendly. It should be easy to understand, to the point, and highly engaging.

Key features that you must include in your e-commerce app include reviews, easy checkout, different payment options, push notifications, and a wish list.

Your e-commerce application should have a drop-down menu with a properly identifiable list of products and services available online. Categorizing the offerings according to their type, style, or price is also a good way to simplify the app design.

Stay Active During the Development and Testing Phases

App development includes coding and design whereas, in the testing phase, your app team will run a bunch of tests to identify and mitigate errors before launching the digital product.

Keep your team in the loop, ensure foolproof app testing, and manage cloud resources for continuous improvement.

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