IT Staff Augmentation: What Is It and How Does It Work?

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If there’s one important buzzword in the IT market, it has to be staff augmentation. Needless to say, the world is developing rapidly, which is why some businesses tend to experience some barriers in their recruiting. They are compelled to hire permanent employees so that the company’s requirements are met accordingly.

Since the current global market is tight when it comes to skilled talent, recruitment processes are longer than ever. The market for qualified and experienced professionals is also limited, resulting in staffing difficulties. Luckily, IT staff augmentation services are the profitable way through. This helps ensure all your business requirements are met while offering companies with experienced experts. If you’re new to staff augmentation, don’t fret. Here’s everything you need to know about what it is and how it works:

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

This is when you outsource an IT team for a specific project based on your unique requirements. You can rely on the help out outsourcing these services to fill up any gaps in your existing staff. The main benefit of IT Staff augmentation is that it allows you to control the talent hiring along with the retention process. This type of outsourcing service works on a contractual basis and is mainly used to add to the skills and knowledge of the company’s existing team. You will first need to determine the capabilities of your existing and then define what further skills are required.

Staff Augmentation is being used by several tech leaders across the globe. This helps them accelerate their hiring processes and likewise ensures rapid expansion. According to a report by Deloitte, the outsourcing market reached a whopping $88.9 billion worldwide! Outsourcing isn’t just a more affordable option but also gives the business heads more time to focus on other important issues and improve existing services. 

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How Does Staff Augmentation Work?

Typically, an IT staff augmentation process comprises three steps. However, this can differ based on the company’s choices and the project requirements. 

Step# 1. Define Existing Gaps  

Once your project plan and details are ready, you need time to determine any talent or skill gaps in your existing team. You don’t need an expert to evaluate this, but instead, simply call the vendor you’re working with and tell them about your unique requirements. They can help suggest software engineers and the technology you’ll need for the project to function. However, different companies and projects might need different development teams. So, what might work for a competitor might not necessarily work for you. It’s also important to write specific job details and conduct in-depth interviews to ensure the candidates match your needs.

Step# 2: Integrate New Members

After signing the necessary contracts, focus on ensuring a smooth integration into your company. Make sure you take out time to introduce them to your current staff, conduct training, allow them to become familiar with the environment, and then get into deep workings. 

Step# 3 Process Management 

You need to ensure that the team works well and is comfortable with their jobs. Analyze the value the team brings, as this will act as a basis of motivation for your employees and will justify your investments.

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The Benefits of Staff Augmentation

1.  Talented Team 

Outsourcing an IT partner is mainly done to fulfill a business’s requirements. IT staff augmentation will ensure that the new team can integrate well into all kinds of settings and will boost the workforce power. They will help in stabilizing the processes that experience roadblocks due to due to being short-staffed or not having the right resources. 

2.  Boosted Efficiency 

IT staff augmentation is based on working with an outsourcing agency that can offer trained and vetted IT professionals. These professionals will solely work towards meeting goals. Let’s face it, looking for an IT support team is a hassle-free process as compared to filtering candidate pools. Hiring a candidate can be expensive, which is why IT staff augmentation is a cost-effective option. 

Why Choose a Nearshore IT Staff Augmentation Company

If you’re choosing IT Staff Augmentation Services, you’ll want to ensure you make the most of your investment. This is why we recommend choosing a nearshore IT Staff Augmentation Company. This helps avoid all time zone issues and ensures constant communication and support.

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A-Grade IT Staff Augmentation Services

Looking for a professional and reliable nearshore IT staff augmentation services company?  Our team at Vates have you covered! We take pride in being an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner and offer only the best software outsourcing services and IT staff augmentation services as compared to other companies in the market.

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You can hire a dedicated software team to solve any issues and fill any gaps. What are you waiting for? Get your project on track with qualified professionals on board. For more information about our outsourcing services, feel free to get in touch!

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