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Vates Offers High-Quality Support and Maintenance Services Available 24/7!

Our work doesn’t just end after building your software for you. We continue working with all our customers to provide high-quality and dedicated support and maintenance so that you never have to worry at all!

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Vates Software Help Center

We have created a work group to provide our clients with a quick response to any issues they may be facing in the system. We have outlined a seamless organizational plan for thorough correction and verification, which allows your business to continue being productive.

Three Levels of Maintenance and Support

Vates has divided our support levels into three main tiers to help prioritize the problems to be solved quickly and efficiently. Our support teams are trained to provide exemplary support to solve any issues quickly.

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1st Level of Support

Provides basic software support, solves online system problems, and refers incidents to other support levels.

Characteristics of Support

  • 24/7 Online Support: Our professional teams are available throughout the year for any necessary online support.
  • Single Service Contact Number: Your entire business has one point of contact to report all incidents in the operations and systems provided by us, such as application problems for users, system crashes, power outages, etc.
  • Training for Systems: The help desk will collaborate between user support and training to provide solutions for common issues such as a lack of knowledge on operations, problems with accessing applications, resetting passwords, incorrect functionality use, user registration issues, deregistration, etc.
  • Call Attention: We have a rotating line designed for incident reporting. All the support requests are received on call, and solutions are managed based on the issues.
  • Incident Reception: Our incident management tool analyses the problems and offers solutions to tackle them efficiently.
  • Operational Planning: We register and then followup on mass-level problems preventing the system from serving either your business or customers. Acting as a professional intermediary between the incidents and the solutions, we provide constant communication with users to solve issues like CRM down, customers without services, locals without links, DB slowness, queuing transactions, and more, quickly and efficiently.
  • Alarm Monitoring: We provide a control panel that can raise alarms when any failures in equipment, services, systems, and subsystems are detected. It also automatically reports the correct operation solutions to you.
  • Preventive Center: We provide analytical tools so that you can operate with preventions in mind so that problems don’t arise.

2nd Level of Support

Provides basic software support, solves online system problems, and refers incidents to other support levels.

Characteristics of Support

  • Help Desk Support: Supports all 1st level support issues with documentation and ongoing training for new solutions.
  • Incident Reception and Resolutions: Incidents raised in the 1st level are raised for correction and verification. Any incidents with source code errors are sent to the 3rd level of support to implement solutions within the production.
  • Program Development Maintenance: Programs like batch processes and base scripts are run and developed through production. These solution types are targeted the affected areas and can even be preventive until final solutions are implemented.
  • Reporting and Tracking: If errors are detected within the source code, reports are sent to the 3rd level of support, where definitive solutions are implemented. The 2nd level of support performs preventative tasks to ensure problems don’t stop workflow and follow-up on solutions until they are implemented. These include collaborating for analyzing solutions and providing correction proposals.
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3rd Level of Support

Provides implementation within the production of definitive solutions for any issues within the system.

Characteristics of Support

  • Development cell with different efficient methodologies like Kanban
  • Implementation of solutions and corrections with production
  • Incidents that were verified and resolved in the 2ndlevel are sent to the 3rd level for development and implementation of long-term modifications within the production process.
  • Creating versions of software components
  • Continuous workflow to ensure business needs are fulfilled
  • Specialized solutions
  • Continuous improvement

Application and Software Maintenance and Support Services

We offer reliable, relevant, and effective maintenance and support services that accommodate your changing business needs. Vates offers you full-range maintenance and support for applications and software of different complexities and types.

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