Six Qualities to Look for in a Nearshore Big Data Solutions Provider


Expected to clock in at $274 billion by the end of this year, the big data industry has become an integral part of the global business sector. From consumer marketing to operations, data-driven decisions are now a necessity for modern-day businesses.

But not all businesses are self-sufficient in harnessing the power of their data. Some need the expertise of nearshore data analytics consulting services such as Vates to turn heaps of information into valuable data insights.

If your business is keen to turn data into actionable insights, you may consider outsourcing data analytics to a big data consulting company. While nearshore companies like Vates are great for getting the job done, here are some considerations that you should be mindful of.

Take a look at the qualities a nearshore data solutions provider must have that make it a perfect fit for your business’s data needs.

Niche Expertise

While all big data companies, including Vates, have expertise in data management, it’s essential for you to look for niche expertise. Having a provider accustomed to your industry’s specific data needs and churning out relevant insights will help you make the most of your data. This is a great benefit for businesses that want a competitive advantage through data.

Extended Services


A data analytics consulting company may just offer data services. But in the fast-paced technological world, you need more than that. Opt for a full-service nearshore solutions company such as Vates that offers IoT consulting, systems integration, and more to its clients with extended services

Talent Pool

Not all big data companies are created equal. This is especially true when you’re on the lookout for the industry’s top talent and data consultants who are above the lot. Look for a nearshore outsourcing company like Vatesthat has the industry’s top talent on board and offers a wide range of data solutions.

Transparency and Compliance

Data and regulatory compliance go hand in hand. When hiring an outsourcing company to manage your data and analyze it, do look for regulatory compliance policies. Moreover, document the transition to avoid any data breaches or legality issues. A transparent nearshore data consulting company such as Vates will be on top of transparency and compliance practices.

Accessibility and Communication Channels

The greatest benefit of hiring a nearshore solutions provider such as Vates is the ease of access and communication. However, when choosing a data consulting company for your business, look for the accessibility and communication channels in place.

Proven Track Record

A good nearshore consulting service, such as Vates, is able to share its case studies, showcase its track record, and provide value-added data analytics. If you are not able to see the past success of a data consulting service or its value for your data, it’s better to look elsewhere.

For U.S.-based businesses on the lookout for advanced data analytics solutions, Vates is a leading data company based out of Argentina. Get in touch with us for agile software development, systems integration, and a wide range of IoT solutions.

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