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Get Access to Top IT Talent in South America

IT outsourcing has picked up steam in South America. The area has become the go-to destination for companies looking to outsource their IT needs and access top software development talent. Outsourcing IT infrastructure and software development is not a new phenomenon. The concept was initially thought of as a means to reduce costs but has now become a legitimate way to access high-quality software expertise and development talent.


Major outsourcing destinations have traditionally been India, Poland, and other Eastern European countries, but we see a dramatic shift towards South America. Businesses in North America look to outsource their development needs because of the availability of nearshore development services. The time-zone congruence and availability of top tech talent have made South America a hotbed for software development outsourcing.

If you’re looking for an experienced South American software development company that’ll go above and beyond to meet your needs and requirements, check out the services provided by Vates. Our company hires the best tech talent in South America and helps us provide our clients with some of the best software development services. Our professional focus and attention to detail will ensure streamlined software development and let you focus on other pressing areas of your business.


We work with agile methodologies offering scaling capabilities and the ability to meet complex requirements. Communication and collaboration are the key to creating productive relationships and effective products. Our multi-lingual team and experienced professionals ensure two-way communication and keep you involved throughout the software development process.


We aim to drive innovation and leverage the power of emerging technologies to help our customers gain a competitive edge in an increasingly complex economic environment. We can provide well-rounded data solutions to help you make impactful decisions. Apart from software development, we also provide big data consulting services, system integration services, Jira service management, software testing, and IoT solutions & consulting services.

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