Top 5 Software Development Trends of 2021

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The advances in software development over the last couple of years have pushed companies far and wide to keep going. Although the current COVID-19 pandemic has caused detrimental effects to most industries, IT development luckily saw no stop. In fact, software development has been growing exponentially now more than ever before. Businesses across the globe are compelled to adapt to this new environment while integrating the technology that’s been offered. Here are some of the biggest software development trends of 2021:  

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1.    Cyber Security Is a Priority 

Let’s face it; no matter how much time and effort cyber security specialists spend on developing defenses, attackers ultimately find their way through. Cybercrime is reaching new peaks, and President Joe Biden has made cyber security a top priority for all government levels. Now that businesses have gradually shifted to remote working, breaches have become more common because people use home networks and their personal devices. Cloud services are also at risk since businesses are transferring to the cloud. It’s important to remember that the current trends in software development tend to be based on market demands. This is why experienced cyber security specialists are needed to help close any gaps on loopholes in the security chain.

2.    The Growth of Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence was originally created to be human-like. Today this field is developing in the form of intelligent things that are meant to make life easy and more comfortable. Some examples of artificial intelligence are chatbots that help in dealing with corporate problems. Voice assistants are also now being used across the globe as they’ve been greatly improved. Assistants like Siri are rising in popularity while Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa help by answering questions along with managing smart devices. Software developers are now striving to offer a level of safety for these personal assistants, as currently giving them access to mail is not recommended. However, this area is constantly developing, and personal assistants are soaring in popularity. 

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3.    Big Data is Constantly Developing

What is big data? These are certain tools and methods that are aimed at bulk information processing and presenting it in a manner that can be understood by users. According to certain studies, there are 40 times more bytes in the world as compared to the stars in the universe. This speaks volumes in terms of where big data is heading. It is predicted by experts that the global Big Data market will soon reach $250 billion by 2025. So one can expect it to become a part of various business routines in the coming years. Big data offers various advantages for businesses. This includes boosted revenue, improved accuracy of product positioning, increased efficiency in the case of promotion campaigns, and much more. If you learn how to use the subject knowledge and apply it to the right sphere, big data can work miracles for you.

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4.    Internet of Things(IoT) is Being Widely Used

Let’s begin by understanding what the Internet of Things is. In simple terms, this is the interconnectivity of computer devices in daily objects through the Internet. According to stats, there will be more than 65 billion IoT devices by 2025. Several industries use this technology as it helps in collecting huge amounts of data from sensors, processes it, and transfers it via cloud networks. This process is flawless, quick, secured, and offers an engaging UI experience. In the following years, along with the current application of IoT like in smart devices, mobile platforms, home security systems, cyber security sensors, there’s an expected rise in the healthcare industry and for remote work purposes.

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5.    The Growth of Nearshore Outsourcing

Companies around the world are now outsourcing their projects, and this trend is expected to continue in the following years.

Outsourcing allows business owners to reduce the high cost of hiring in-house software developers. You can easily get a software development team abroad that is affordable and offer top-quality results. Outsourcing boosts efficiency, offers expertise, flexibility, more time to focus on other important business matters.

When it comes to the IT sector, nearshore outsourcing is rapidly gaining popularity. This is when your company delegates certain software development tasks to an extended team that’s located in a nearby country. Now typically, this country shares a similar time zone and geographical proximity. For countries such as the US and Canada, Mexico or Latin America are the best options for outsourcing.

Nearshore outsourcing facilitates travel and communication, which is why onsite are easy. This type of outsourcing tends to focus on ensuring both partners understand each other’s teams, culture, skills, quality requirements, and competencies.

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