Top 6 Key Elements to Building an Exponential Organization

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It’s been a while since a major shift shook up the entire IT ecosystem and has been continuously paving the way for rapid multidimensional changes in a myriad of industries. We have seen nascent trends exponentially accelerating like virtual workplaces, online health services, and e-commerce, and how these abrupt changes have modified the way industries operate.

The development of exponential organizations has been lurking on the horizon for ages but its sudden expansion and success is a significant turning point for today’s industries.

Companies are more now focused on leveraging emerging information and technology instead of increasing their physical assets or human capital. This is the reason why these companies are scaling their businesses and organizational frameworks at a much more rapid pace than ever before.

Hiring IT specialists and external software developers can be very beneficial when it comes to transforming your business into an exponential organization. If you’re on the lookout for a highly-qualified team of software developers, check out Vates.

We are an international software development company with significant experience in providing excellent software development and testing services. We aim to leverage the most advanced technologies to help you modify your company’s IT infrastructure and enhance operational efficacy.

Read ahead to find out all about the top elements that companies require to build an exponential organization.

Massive Transformative Purpose

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No exponential organization is complete without an MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose). The MTP can be defined as the change you want to make in the world with your organization. While traditional startups are aiming to make more money and focus solely on economic profit, exponential organizations are fueled by their purpose. They want to make a change in the world and create a legacy that is more important than any economic profit.

The MTP is the pivotal first step for any organization to work towards unparalleled and incredible outcomes.

To successfully execute any transformative effect, an organization must change its fundamental beliefs and work towards developing brand new behaviors to create a more effective strategic direction. One of the most beneficial things about having an MTP is unifying the different teams in your organization and encouraging them to work towards a similar goal.

Big Data Analytics

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Organizations are full of inundating data now more than ever. According to a report, 463 exabytes of data will be created every single day by the year 2025. This is why today, hundreds of companies and businesses are investing in big data analytical tools to streamline their workflow and gain important insights.

Big data management is transforming the way organizations operate because of the convenience it offers by storing structured and unstructured data. Big data analytics helps businesses gauge customers and become more flexible to the evolving economic environment. These analytics are also very useful in reducing operational costs and making a data-driven decisions by observing the market trends.

Big data management will help you build a credible brand image and create tailored marketing campaigns to drive engagement. Companies are now using these tools and techniques to be more responsive to consumer demand and pinpoint where they need to make changes.

Several exponential organizations in the healthcare sector are using data to identify potential diseases and develop leading-edge therapeutic treatments.

Since business owners are always looking to reduce expenditures, one of the easiest ways to make yourself stand out among your competitors is by hiring a reliable team of big data consultants. At Vates, we have decades of experience in providing robust IT solutions and excel in big data management. Our team of IT specialists will help your organization gain accurate insights with the right big data analytical tools and modify your marketing strategy accordingly.

Achieving Optimization with IT Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation services can instantly transform your workflow and streamline your business processes. This concept is gaining fast traction because of how effective it is to boost business productivity.

IT staff augmentation enables organizations to recruit skilled individuals from an offshore company. This practice is the best way to wrap up a short-term project in a more time-efficient manner and without spending any extra amount on training your staff. These skilled professionals are trained and not legally a part of the company’s administration.

This concept helps companies save time and money, scale their team sizes flexibly, protect their software system, and finish a project efficiently. Whenever you’re low on resources but still want to meet the business objectives, the safe choice is to hire a remote team to deliver a high-quality product at a highly competitive rate.

A Simple User Interface

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While it may not seem like it, having a simple user-friendly interface is one of the most important aspects of an exponential organization. Your customers should be able to easily navigate it while staying engaged and interested in the content.

You can create a highly impactful user interface by being more empathetic and finding out what’s going on in your customer’s mind. If your UI is too complicated to use, your customers will likely turn towards your competitors. Make sure you’re using bright colors that don’t look too bland or boring. You can use analytical tools to find out exactly what your customers are looking for and use insights to create a UI that feels organized and well-balanced.

There is also a range of data visualization techniques you can use to make your UI more enticing. Structure your content with visual cues to make navigation simple and easy for your customers.

Outsourcing Software Developers

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Letting a third-party vendor manage your short-term projects is one of the best ways to achieve a greater competitive advantage and market share. One of the main reasons why exponential organizations rely on outsourcing software developers is because they gain full access to a vast and superior talent pool. Many companies don’t have the time or money to train an in-house dedicated team every time a new project is initiated.

But with outsourcing software development companies, business owners have a higher chance to achieve success because they have a trained IT staff working for them around the clock. This also enables business owners to relax and focus on their work because they don’t have to micromanage everything the IT team is doing.

With an outsourcing software development company, you also have a better chance of minimizing additional expenditures on maintenance and support. The outsourcing software development company will provide you with all the necessary tools and products at a reasonable price.

At Vates, we have a team of IT professionals who are fully committed to scaling your business with robust IT solutions. Our unprecedented IT services and software testing services have helped hundreds of our clients gain a competitive edge over their competitors. We will provide you with personalized well-rounded recommendations to modify your company’s existing IT infrastructure. This will help you easily adapt to the ever-changing IT landscape.


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This is the best time to use the AI algorithm. AI algorithms have revolutionized the way organizations operate and enhanced customer experience through optimization, personalization, and search recommendations.

IT specialists can customize the algorithm to direct the customer to a specific product. For example, a side dish can be recommended based on an individual’s dining history. Customizing algorithms further helps to promote sales and helps customers make informed decisions.

Make sure to determine the goals you want to achieve with the AI algorithm, and then apply transparency to the AI to customize it for a specific purpose. In the end, observe the algorithmic output to find out whether the analytics are aligning with your goals.

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